Francine Gorins

Ensures that every first time visitor is welcomed in a friendly manner and greeted on a more personal level. Assists visitors in locating facilities. Provides information about the church and refreshments after worship services.

The Coffee Spot


Rodney Gorins 
Fulfills a ministry of help, watchfulness, and intercession on behalf of leadership.  Designed to protect and serve the pastor (and first lady) not only physically but spiritually. Also serves in all capacities that the pastor deems necessary.   They are always alert to those entering the grounds and facilities of NPVBC to ensure members feel secure to move freely at all times. Likewise security will protect and serve guest ministers of the pastor when they are attending services or events that are provided through NPVBC. This position is a servant-type position given to the most trusted, mature Christian men who always have the pastor’s best interest at heart. The selection of security is subject to the final approval of the pastor.