In 1823 John McFarland operated a ferry near this location. In the fall of same year, the site was chosen by Stephen F. Austin with the help of Baron de Bastrop to be the main site in Texas for colonization. Founded in 1824, as San Felipe de Austin, the town served as the capital of Stephen F. Austin‘s first colony and the founding spot of the Texas Rangers. It was first governed by James (Jack) Cummins who was appointed the first Alcalde.

In 1828, the population numbered about 200. The town had three general stores, two taverns, a hotel, a blacksmith shop, and forty to fifty log cabins. By 1835, its population had increased to around 600. It was home to the first post office and one of the earliest newspapers and land offices in Texas. San Felipe was second only to San Antonio as the commercial center of Texas. 

The Texas conventions of 1832, 1833 and the Consultation of November 3, 1835 were held here. San Felipe would act as the capital for the provisional government of Texas until the Convention of 1836. The town was burned in 1836 to prevent the Mexican army from capturing it. The town was rebuilt a few years later, but never regained its popularity. The oldest post office in Texas is located here (77473).

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